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uch. After a long time,
« dnia: Styczeń 16, 2020, 08:36:02 »
When I first came to work in this company, I didn't feel special when I saw Hong. I just think that she belongs to the relatively high-cold type, which may be difficult to get along with and not easily accessible Marlboro Cigarettes. I usually don't deal with her very much, but I occasionally submit a report or something. I don't even need to say much. After a long time, I had a little impression of her, that is, relatively silent, stable, and work carefully. Occasionally look at her and find that she is not fat or thin, medium to high, medium in size, and has no disadvantages or highlights. It's not ugly or good-looking. The whole feeling is ordinary and calm. Still rarely deal with her, rarely talk to her. I just saw her often during work. But after looking at her once in a while, I found that I liked her a little, and felt that she was as elegant as a chrysanthemum, and showed a charm in the usual calm. This charm was deep, long-lasting and stable. With this feeling of liking, I have the consciousness to find more opportunities to talk to her and look at her more. At this time she would also look up and look at me and tell me something other than work. I felt her eyes were very bright and her voice was gentle and nice. Judging from her attitude towards me, I can go closer with her. Finally, I got a chance in a chat. She and several colleagues in her department asked me to invite them to dinner. I immediately agreed to have dinner together. Someone who came by car and got on the way left first. I and Fang Tong, who returned, could take a taxi together. We waited at the roadside, she said that she had eaten, and walked before taking the bus. I was very happy and followed her. Maybe it was because she drank some wine, she talked a lot, and told me a lot of interesting things happening around her. We had a good chat. The colleague who had eaten together had arrived home, sent a message to care about her Online Cigarettes, and asked if she was there. She read it to me with a smile, and told me that she would reply. She may drink a little too much. When she took a nap when she walked, I took the opportunity to support her. She said no, but did not insist on pushing me away, and I kept helping her to walk slowly. She told me her happiness and unhappiness, just like that, talking while walking, in the end we actually held hands naturallI told her that I admired her very much and liked her, she was very touched and said, then you must always be nice to me, like this tonight. I nodded hard and held her shoulders busy Marlboro Red. She leaned her head against my chest and put her hands lightly on my waist. I clearly felt that my relationship with her began.
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