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Almost any work can be systematic
« dnia: Październik 08, 2019, 08:28:17 »

Almost any work can be systematic. "Systems" are how good work gets done. McDonald's did not grow its business by hiring people and letting them figure out how to best greet a customer, take an order, fry potatoes, and assemble a cheeseburger. Instead, they figured out the best way, secured the tools, documented the process, and trained everyone to do it that way. Because of the system, McDonald's can make almost anyone, regardless of capability Wholesale Cigarettes Newport, into a productive, effective employee.

This truth - that good systems make people effective -- operates in every area of work. Talk to effective professionals in any field, and they will verify that they use effective principles, processes, and tools to complete complex tasks. They use a system.

In fact, the more important and complex the task, the more likely that the principles and processes have been defined and codified. How would you feel if you buckled the seat belt on an airliner and listened as the captain announced that he has his own way of flying the plane?

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