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There are seven different classes in BNS Revolution gold  the game and each class has. The first is that the Blade Master. Among other attacks, this class includes Blades method, which allows them to muster a flurry of flying swords to overwhelm their enemies' Flock. The Jin and the Yun could be Blade Masters. The Destroyers are made of their Gon if they hurl their enemies in other 23, and their main attack is. Health issues can be, composed of the Lyn transferred by the Summoners back and forth and can revive their fallen allies. The Force Masters can be Yun, either Lyn or even Gon and may wield either fire or ice as their prime attacks.

The Kung Fu Masters Comprise of Yun, Jin and Gon. Their very best attacks are stringing together a long chain of strikes after another. Assassin's are made up of Jin and they can use poisons, explosives, smoke, and other powerful utilities to hobble their enemies. The Blade Dancers have been made up of Lyn and they employ blinding speed take a ton of enemies out and to maneuver around the battle.

A normal practice of game companies when they release gameplay footage is the footage you see in the trailers (on statements, not demos introduced to the public or shown at E3, etc) is typically prototype gameplay combined into a more cinematic reel, more than directly recorded gameplay . That was remarkably like how the game plays today, with changes and a few obvious tweaks. Obviously, the footage has been doctored to make it look shinier and more glossy. At that stage, the game was done. We have seen demonstration footage of Blade and Soul M at one of the Korean Game Conventions, and if that match is anything to go from, the gameplay was FAR different. You cant choose the footage that you see at face value.

Games like Blade & Soul (aka B&S) will never achieve whole potential in a mobile device. If you are playing B&S for some years you will most likely know how indept the strategy in this sport is. It is one of the elements making it a great game. I've seen a lot of MMORPG coming out for cellular recently and they are largely fine to playwith. However, if you understand what B&S is right now, you would get disappointed because of it being a portable game for obvious reasons. The sport will basicly be simplified, thus making the game basicly a poorly remade original. Do not get me wrong here though. I'm not saying that this game is gonna be trash but it just will not reach the indept level most folks would love to Buy Blade and Soul Revolution gold  have.