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It's unusual to see Chicago unable to run the football. Then again Chicago Bears Hats ( , it's not exactly common to see the Bears with an 8-3 record, either.Without being overly consumed by the thought, coach Matt Nagy expressed a desire Friday to get the dormant running game moving better than in Thursday's 23-16 victory over the Detroit Lions or in other recent victories."I don't think too much is being made of it," Nagy said. "You have to be able to run the football inevitably. You can't be one-dimensional. It's just like on defense. You've got to be able to stop the run."So for me, running the ball is important, but I'm not just going to run the ball just to say and make people happy that we ran the ball. That's not what I do."The Bears had 38 yards rushing in their win over the Lions, and have had 148 total yards on the ground in the past three games. Their 38 yards Thursday matched their lowest total in a victory since the second game of the 1970 season.Still, Nagy will continue looking to the best matchup 鈥?even if it means an attack completely based on the pass."If it's running the ball 50 times and that's the way we're going to win, I'll run the ball 50 times," Nagy said. "If it's running the ball five times and that's how we're going to win, I'll run the ball five times."There's plenty of evidence to suggest it's not the most important statistic, anyway. They ran for 134 yards or more in all three losses. They also ran for 122 yards or more in three of their wins.Bears fans' angst about the running attack might not be a strategic concern, Nagy suggested."So you know I think the biggest thing right now is you get into all this fantasy stuff that everybody's doing and I think their emotions get a little bit tied up into that," Nagy said. "I just want to win games. That's all I really care about."The Bears are doing that. They have won five straight and have a weekend off now while the rest of the NFL plays, then return Tuesday to get ready for a Dec. 2 road game against the New York Giants.Chicago was able to win on Thursday despite having the sluggish run game and playing backup quarterback Chase Daniel for injured Mitchell Trubisky. They might not know Trubisky's availability for the Giants game due to his right shoulder injury until late next week."He's got to communicate to us how he feels and then we'll do the same and figure out where it goes on a day-to-day basis Chicago Bears Hoodie ( ," Nagy said.Much like with the lack of a running game, the Bears say they'll adjust if they have Daniel playing again against the Giants. Daniel completed 27 of 37 for 230 yards and two touchdowns."It's just like having Mitch in there, it wasn't a steep loss," running back Tarik Cohen said. "He gets to the line of scrimmage and makes his calls and then we go from there."Nagy said Trubisky may have even learned something about the offense from watching the win over Detroit."I asked Mitch at the end of the game how he felt watching it from the sideline," Nagy said. "His first words to me were, 'Yeah, it's different. You see different things and you get it from our perspective as coaches.'"You get to see what we're talking about when we talk to you on the sidelines. As long as he steps on the sideline, he gets to see what we're talking about and then he uses that when he's back out there to understand that, that will only help him."Bears injury report: Khalil Mack and Roquan Smith are full-go In terms of this kind of news, Wednesday’s Bears injury report was actually an interesting development in comparison to the regular hamstring pulls and tweaks. That’s especially so for Chicago as they prepare for a Week 1 matchup against the Packers. Despite not playing a snap in the preseason, new Bears superstar Khalil Mack was a full participant in Lake Forest. Despite being limited in training camp after a holdout and also not playing a snap in the preseason, Roquan Smith was also a full participant. And despite featuring in one whole practice all the way back in mid-July, Aaron Lynch was all systems go. It’s almost as if the preseason is seen as a crapshoot by NFL teams like the Bears. In all seriousness, what does this mean, exactly? You can expect each of Mack Customized Chicago Bears Jerseys ( , Smith, and Lynch to have heavily featured roles at varying degrees in Green Bay. On their latest depth chart, Mack was notably listed as a starter for the Bears, while Smith and Lynch were each entrenched in No. 2 and No. 3 slots at their positions, respectively. Both latter players’ status can certainly always change before Sunday. Now, there is always the off chance this trio of Bears gets injured because they didn’t have much action in the past six weeks. We should acknowledge that fact. Of course, a cartoonish anvil can fall on their head too and there would be similar blame doled out to their lack of previous participation.In other cliff notes, Leonard Floyd was also a full participant in Wednesday’s practice with a broken hand. Expect the third-year pass rusher to start without much issues on Sunday night.Some preseason snaps matter, but not to the degree you think. The Bears doing this with a great deal of their defensive core shows they emphatically agree. Robert is an editor, writer, and producer for The Blitz Network, Windy City Gridiron, and The Rock River Times. You can follow him on Twitter @RobertZeglinski and reach him by email at
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