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Babskie lelum polelum / Odp: How to meet a man?(Top secret reception!)
« dnia: Wrzesień 09, 2019, 11:42:56 »
Your ex have been together for 6.5 years, broke up just over a year ago. The relationship was complicated. He cheated, I forgave, but we eventually drifted apart and broke up. The gap suffered hard, he is my first love. After the breakup, I tried to protect myself from the news about him, cooled down for a long time, I thought I'd go crazy when I found out about his new girlfriend.
Seemed like my grieving, met my current, he recently proposed to me. I came to my hometown to visit my parents and solve financial problems with my ex (he owes me money). The reaction of the former see that the money is not ready, talked a minute, got busy and left. But at the moment of conversation with me something strange happened. Instead of being angry with him, I was drawn to him as if we had never parted and he was still close and dear despite the situation. After his departure, burst into tears, I realized that it gets cold, and that my current so and not become my family. I'm just fine with him, but it's not love. I left the city earlier than planned, I can not stay there for a long time, everything reminds me of my ex. Intellectually, this is not my man. We are different in character and views on life. The present one loves me very much, but I don't even know how to get married now...

Babskie lelum polelum / How to meet a man?(Top secret reception!)
« dnia: Maj 30, 2019, 12:04:43 »
How to meet a man?(Top secret reception!)

When I hear the sighs of women that they do not meet men, how difficult it is - I just laugh frankly!!! Yes! Because the easiest thing to do is to meet a man! After all, in fact, men only think how they would get to know us, women! Just some mysterious circle turns out, everyone wants to meet everyone and everyone is afraid, and do not know how to do it. Let's break this circle! I declare absolutely responsibly that with this secret technique EVERY woman (well if it is not really some kind of super-horror) can get acquainted with a man.

I will give myself as an example. Honestly, I'm not a beauty, the appearance of the most common. Low, with thin blond hairs, in glasses, heavy hips (though, at a certain ability it is possible to hide the shortcomings). And with that appearance, I've never been short of fans. Most importantly, how strong is the sexual energy you radiate. A woman with this energy stands out in the first place from the crowd and it does not matter her appearance. Next to go dazzling beautiful girl, but if her face is a grimace of discontent, or superiority, if it will come vibes of irritation and fatigue, no one will pay attention. The men around you will only notice your sparkling energy. Your smile, the pleasure of life, the joy of communicating with others, all this is best woven into a wreath of sexual energy and it will give you the very unique image from which no man can resist. So no need to say that you are ugly and because of this no one gets acquainted with you, you just do not yet know my secret reception, but from this hour everything will change! Now I'm going to tell you my secret, and after that, you won't have any reason to say that men don't meet you. The main weapon of the woman is the eye. Yes,dear, your charming eyes, which until this moment can be said inactive, if you still have not learned with their help to frame men. But it has long been known that men first notice only those women who see them. That is, if you're all so fucking beautiful, deliberately pass by him to draw his attention to himself, but not even lead eyelashes in his direction, your output will not bring the desired result. What was missing? Look! That's what you have to learn. This is the main weapon that you have to know perfectly. A man should see your sexual energy in the look that beckons him, in a smile that conceals something voluptuous.
Practical suggestion

So, what exactly are you supposed to do when you see an object of interest? She shook herself, shook herself. If you have long hair stabbed - dismiss in one motion, if short - shake his head slightly as if shiroshi them. Flowing hair tells a man on the subconscious about the emancipation of a woman, while the hair is arranged in a hairstyle, talking about certain limits of behavior. If there is no opportunity to do it - it does not matter, it is not important. The main thing - look at him! In an instant, imagine how he caresses you. Imagine the most Frank and pleasant caress which you most of all love. And (the biggest secret!) squeeze ten to twenty times at a fast pace intimate muscles. That'll dilate your pupils! Few people know about this secret and now you have become its owner. Use it one hundred percent! So, for those few seconds that you have before his approach, you should actively work intimate muscles and at the same time imagine how this man caresses you and, finally, when he approaches you, you meet him with a look! Keep eye contact five to seven seconds, no more. In these few seconds you put in your look all those emotions that you managed to excite in yourself, you can even mentally tell him "you are the best! you make me feel so good!". It is very important for a man to be psychologically sure that he is the best and that his woman is good with him, then tell him about it. Then you look down at your feet, as if shy and immediately look up again at him with a faint smile on his lips. Just for a second, no more. During this time, you will make sure that he still looks at you and give him confirmation of his interest. If you want, you can just gently nod. ALL! If he is not gay and not madly in love with Romeo, then this technique will work!!! At the same time, a man always has a feeling that he is taking the initiative, and this is so important to maintain his natural hunting excitement. After all, when he achieves the woman he likes, he feels like a hunter, seducer, conqueror of the universe, so give him this opportunity. For your greater confidence be sure to practice this look in front of the mirror. In General, all the techniques of seduction I recommend first to practice in front of a mirror, then you'll feel comfortable and confident during their actual execution.

There are many methods of attracting attention and I have already talked about them in previous articles, but this technique, which works in a few seconds, I decided to highlight in a separate article, because it is extremely important and EVERY woman must master it perfectly! Feel free to hone it on the men you meet. Maybe the first or second time, not everything will be perfect, it happens, but gradually you will come to confidence, develop skills. And when at last you will see that only with which you will be happy then all life - you already will be fully armed and you will not miss the moment "to shoot" to it in the heart the charming eyes!

Witajcie rodzice! / Betting strategy on tennis
« dnia: Marzec 24, 2019, 11:40:54 »
Betting strategy on tennis
Tennis is one of the major sports on which the bettors place their bets. A huge number of matches of various tournaments are served daily in the paintings. They can be applied to a variety of betting strategies on tennis.

Naturally, all of the following strategies need to be linked to financial strategies for sports betting. We are talking about Criteria Kelly, flat, management Miller.
Live tennis betting strategies www.pin-up.bet
Quite often, players use strategies for betting during tennis matches. Consider a few of them. This is a bet on the tennis player who won the tie-break (set score-7: 6), a bet on 40/40 in games and the victory lost the first set of the favorite.

Win sets with the score 7: 6 those players who have no problem winning games on their innings and tied the fight on the opponent's innings. You should use the statistics on tie-breaks. On many tennis sites statistics indicate the percentage of winning tie-breaks. Usually a high percentage of winning tie-breaks in tennis with excellent reception and excellent flow. We pay attention to tennis players with a high percentage of won tiebreaks (between 60 and 70 %).

Choose live matches with scores 5:5, 6: 5. We look at the statistics and pay attention to the account in the games. Pay attention to the duration of games, the number of aces and the percentage of goals won on the first serve. We bet on the victory in the tie-break of the tennis player who easily took his serve and had a chance to take the opponent's serve.

The size of the bet is calculated taking into account the coefficient and the size of the game Bank. Be sure to use one or more financial strategies.

Another betting strategy with live tennis is called 40/40. Its essence is that we will put on such an account in games. We will look for matches in which there are approximately equal forces players who do not have a strong supply. This is usually undersized players with good technique. Examples of such tennis players are David Ferrer, Tim Henman, Michael Chang, etc.

The game should take place on a slow surface. Suitable soil and sand courts, drawings which are usually delayed. Quite often the score in games on these courts is 40/40.

We will bet after 4 games played. It is necessary to see an equal fight in every game. Not supposed to be easy winning games.

Not all offices accept bets on accounts in games. So we'll have to find a suitable office. The bet amount is also calculated by one of the methods mentioned above.

Interesting is the bet on the loser of the first set of the favorite. Before the game starts, the odds of winning the top ten players vary between 1.05 and 1.25 depending on the opponent. But on long tournaments sometimes happens so, that favorite not very strongly plays in first matches. This may be due to the specifics of training, when the peak of physical and gaming conditions should come in the second week of the competition.

Watch the tournament grid. If we see that the opponents of the first numbers are tennis players with a strong serve, then we prepare ourselves that perhaps the first set will be lost by the favorite. Watch the first set. As soon as he ends with the defeat of the favorite, the coefficient for his victory in the match should rise to 1.6-1.7. We're not putting him in live. Usually the leaders are going and the following sets hold much stronger.

Total tennis betting strategy more games

All bookmakers provide players with the opportunity to bet on total games in the set and in the match. Most often you can choose the total games in the sets from 7.5 to 12.5. For a match, the total values are between 21.5 and 24.5.

We will bet on the total of players with a strong serve. The ideal option would be a meeting between a typical oduvanchikami. For the match they are always gaining up to 2 dozen or even more aces. Among the tennis players have a strong supply of John Isner, Mario Cilic. Of those who have already completed a tennis career, we note Pete Sampras, Goran Ivanishevich and Greg rusedsky.

If you look at the statistics of players with a strong serve, we see that a lot of sets with their participation ends effectively. Accounts like 7:6, 7:5, 6:4 meet regularly. Very often there is at least one tie – break about the meetings with the "aces" in the set. On account of the many trehmetrovy fights. This means that the total makes its way more often and confidently.

Therefore, we will look for couples with tennis players who make a lot of aces and have a high percentage of the first serve won. Typically, these players surely take his serve, but do not have a good game on someone else's submission. That is, on someone else's serve, they often lose, because in other components of the game significantly inferior to many players. Select suitable under this strategy, the matches will be by means of the statistical sites. With this help, we can easily find the number of innings won by tennis players on the flight and the number of lost games on the opponent's serve.

It is best to choose fast coverage. This hard and the grasses. On the surface serving players better and more confidently take your submission.


It should be remembered that individual sports are markedly different from team sports. It is very important to feel the players, their condition on the day of the game. These figures can vary greatly from day to day, unlike teams.It is very important to observe the level of tennis players during tournaments.

We bet on tennis not only taking into account the previous statistics, but also taking into account the statistics during the games, if we put in live. If we bet before the match, we must take into account the statistics during the current tournament. Remember that a win-win strategy for betting on tennis will be such only in case of proper financial management and a good understanding of the main points of this game.

Witajcie rodzice! / Odp: Ty też możesz pomóc dzieciom
« dnia: Marzec 03, 2019, 05:54:44 »
Niestety ciężko mi odpowiedzieć

Witajcie rodzice! / Odp: Gdzie kupię wózek magazynowy na już?
« dnia: Marzec 03, 2019, 05:42:47 »
Niestety ciężko mi odpowiedzieć

Witajcie rodzice! / Odp: Cześć wszystkim
« dnia: Marzec 03, 2019, 05:40:00 »
Takie świetlice sa potrzebne

Witajcie rodzice! / Odp: Problemy ze stawami
« dnia: Marzec 03, 2019, 05:38:54 »
Wydaje mi się, że powinien udać się do lekarza i tego nie bagatelizować.

Witajcie rodzice! / Ciebie ganić za to?
« dnia: Marzec 03, 2019, 05:38:02 »
Jeśli się nad tym zastanowić niż się oczarować, to można znaleźć wiele ciekawych zajęć. Ale dlaczego teraz wiele osób wolą świat wirtualny niż towarzystwa lub działania w rzeczywistości. Mam wrażenie, że ludziom bardziej komfortowo, kiedy są sami. Chociaż, kto wie. Może to tylko ja tak postrzegam ten świat. Teraz na przykład zaangażowali się grać w gry hazardowe w kasynie online. Wiele mnie chyba nawet za to skazani. Ale w zasadzie dlaczego? Kogo obchodzi, jak spędzam czas? A wy w takie gry grasz? Ciebie ganić za to?

Witajcie rodzice! / To przy okazji może przynosić dobre zyski.
« dnia: Marzec 03, 2019, 05:34:01 »
Wielu z was pewnie słyszało o tym, że w internecie można tworzyć swoje strony internetowe, fora, blogi czy sklepy internetowe. Niektórzy ludzie nawet to z powodzeniem udało się zrealizować, tak jak widzimy w internecie najbardziej popularnych zabaw, gdzie wiele osób spędza swój czas. A chciało czy ci zrobić stronę internetową? Próbowali go już robić? Zrobić stronę faktycznie nie jest trudne. Trudniej go podnieść w rankingu i zrobić bardziej popularne w internecie. Że dobrze robią кto? Wiesz kto to taki? Chcielibyśmy swój popularne witryny w internecie? To przy okazji może przynosić dobre zyski.

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